Frozen coconut mango yogurt in a glass cup with spoon sticking out

Frozen Mango Coconut Yogurt

I did not expect that frozen mango coconut yogurt would be the thing that would start me on a joyful path during quarantine. In fact, I did not expect that in July, I would be talking about making ice-cream. Like so many people, 2020 has been nothing like I planned for it to be. I have made peace with that fact. My home has now become a big part of my life. It is no longer the place that I am constantly passing through.

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mango salad with tomato and avocado served on white quinoa in a white plate

Mango Salad With Tomato and Avocado

This mango salad with tomato and avocado is one that I have tested time and time again. I am always tweaking my recipes. Sometimes by the time I am happy with them, the season has passed and I am left wondering why I have nothing to write. This mango salad came to life last summer because I just needed something different to eat. I have been tweaking and eating this so long, I am confident that you will love it. It is the best balance of sweet, savory, and umami.

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Silhouette of me at a beach in new bedford

5 Things I Am Missing This Summer

I keep thinking about the things I am missing this summer. I always used to say that every New Englander lives for the summer. In the Boston area, where I live, winter is full-on. The chill starts in November. In maxes itself out in February and March. The snow keeps coming until May. For a city that is built on public transportation, walking around in heavy shoes because of dirty sloshy snow is a pain. So, summer is a thing.

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Romance Books To Read July 2020

Romance Books To Read July 2020

I am recommending a few romance books in this post. If you choose to use the links included in this piece, I will likely earn a commission from Amazon. Please support me by using the links included. The money I earn will allow me to continue to produce this blog consistently.

June started off with a bang. It was a bang that the world really needed to hear. With the intensification of the Black Lives Matter movement, I was transfixed with the news. I spent so much time on Instagram reading posts and reposting resources to stories. So it was a lot on my Black body. In the midst of this turmoil, the way I found to calm my anxiety was to focus on reading novels. In particular, I committed to reading romance novels by Woman of Color as a form of protest against the overwhelmingly white gaze of the publishing industry. 

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Sweet and Spicy Soy Glazed Beef Ribs

I wasn’t sure I was going to have an opportunity to make this sweet and spicy soy-glazed beef ribs. The Boston area recently just became hot. When I say hot, I should clarify that this is by the standards of a Boston area resident. The high 80s to low 90s seem hot now. Back in the days, when I lived in California, these same temps always felt so moderate. I guess I am truly a New Englander now. Luckily for me, yesterday, we had a temporary dip in temperature into the 70s and I felt like I could use the oven again. So, I quickly made this sweet and spicy soy glazed beef ribs.

Sweet and Spicy Soy Glazed Beef Ribs

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A white shallow plate filled with quinoa, broccoli and flakes orange dill poached salmon


Happy May! It feels like this year has been forever already with all the staying at home we have been doing. But every so often, the rhythm of a new week or a new month, reminds me that time is not going any faster or slower. Time has not changed. I have changed though.

The Goal Is to Stay in Motion

This period has been had for me because of anxiety. I am never quite sure what kind of day I am going to have. It all depends on if I have had enough sleep the night before. As I struggle with feeling have no control over my day, I am practicing grace with myself. I’m acknowledging to myself that life is unexpected and unprecedented. It is okay to feel both overwhelmed and understimulated at the same time. This is the moment we live in.

Even as I have given up the illusion of control, I am encouraging myself to build good habits during this time. For the first time in my life, I am paying attention to making my bed in the morning. I am finding joy in having a skincare routine. These habits allow me to feel like I am being productive in little ways. The goal of my habit building is not perfection. The goal is to stay in motion. To keep moving forward so that I don’t feel stuck as time goes by. I have to say it is helping so far.

What have you been doing to make this time go faster?