Peach Week: Peach Focaccia

Cut Peach Focaccia showing the crumb

As with all things food with me, I was minding my business. Then the New York Times posted the most amazing picture of their peach focaccia. And I fell in love and I just had to have it. Not only did I have to have it, but I also had to make all things peach. So I spent my days in the kitchen cooking and my nights on the ‘net researching. Before I knew, Peach Week was born! Yes, it is Peach Week!!

Baked Whole Peach Focaccia

Every recipe posted this week would have peach as an ingredient. We are just in that sweet spot of summer where there are gluts of summer fruits and vegetables coming into the market super ripe and calling to be used. I am answering the clarion call this week with the peach theme.

Peach Week: Peach Focaccia

I don’t have this whole Peach Week thing figured out yet. A few recipes have been tested. Some pictures have been taken. I have one or two recipes I hope to get done. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, I am focusing on what I do have. It is enough to start along this journey. That means I am going to be telling you all about the amazing Peach Focaccia that I made using the recipe from the New York Times.

Cut Baked Peach Focaccia

I am a bit fan of the cooking section on the New York Times! I actually pay for my subscription because I can’t imagine not having access to that well of recipes. My attachment to the Cooking section is born of the fact that I feel like it where I learned many American and Western recipes. I learned how to cook as an American by reading and using recipes by New York Times food writers. Mark Bittman, a former New York Times food writer, has been one of my influences. The infamous No-Knead Bread was born from an interview and article written by Bittman.

So, it makes sense that I follow New York Times Cooking on Instagram.

The stream of food photos helps me so to further lust after their food. And after lusting for so long, sometimes I bring myself out of my chair into the kitchen to actually cook or bake. Making this peach focaccia was totally easy peasy. It took about 3.5 hours from start to finish and required very basic technique. Trust me when I say that the bread looks fancier than the energy required to make it.

Raw Peach Focaccia

And when it was done, that Peach Focaccia tasted like a dream, too. One thing I loved about the bread was how savory it was. I almost feel like I ought to make it again just to sprinkle some feta cheese and olive on it. Since the slices of peach are super fresh on the bread dough, they are still moist after baking. This makes for a super flavorful bread that has a very short shelf life. The fresh slices of peach make it important to eat the bread on the day it is baked. This short life is the only fault of the peach focaccia. Beyond that, it is all a dream to bake and eat.

The recipe for peach focaccia is here.


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