Bluefish In Caramel Sauce

Bluefish in Caramel Sauce

Food is my love language. There are many things about me that I have yet to figure out. But my love language I know for sure. Food allows me to express my love for others. For me, love is the thing that makes me want to cook and feed others. The more extravagant the meal, the deeper my feelings. Making this Vietnamese-style Bluefish in Caramel sauce was an expression of love.

Bluefish in Caramel Sauce

Sometimes when I cook, I start out without a plan. It is a dangerous way to begin but it often yields dividend like this Bluefish in Caramel sauce. I originally had gone to the grocery store to get some fish without a firm idea. I was looking in the case when I spotted the pack of bluefish. Since I had never cooked Bluefish, I researched quickly and found a New York Times recipe for Bluefish in Caramel Sauce.

Bluefish in Caramel Sauce

In Vietnamese cuisine, the caramel sauce is made with white sugar that is slowly caramelized. The recipe then calls for brown sugar to reduce time. I chose to ignore the brown sugar directive and used white sugar. There is a wealth of flavor when white sugar is caramelized properly into that deep reddish-brown color. This cannot be captured by using brown sugar. I know this because I have a recipe for Soy Burnt Caramel Chicken that depends on caramelizing sugar properly. If there is one adjustment I recommend making to this recipe, that is it.

Bluefish in Caramel Sauce long shot

Besides choosing to caramelize white sugar, I made no changes to the recipe. I thoroughly enjoyed this Bluefish in Caramel sauce because the sauce gave the fish tons of flavor. The sweetness of the sugar gave way to a lovely bitter taste that melded well with ginger and the lemongrass. I am definitely going to making this recipe. As soon as I feel that surge of love that would make me want to get intense in the kitchen again.

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