5 Facts About Me

Hi there! My name is Sinmi. I decided to switch things up a bit today. Things are different here today because I am introducing myself. So here are 5 quick facts about me.

5 Facts About Me

5 Facts About Me

  1. I was born and bred in Lagos, Nigeria. My childhood was spent in Nigeria and I started cooking at the age of 8. I have lived in different places since I moved to California for college. Living in Manchester in England as well as America has definitely broadened my interest in food. This is especially true because I have spent many years living with housemates from different countries, cultures, and traditions.
  2. I live near Boston Massachusetts at the moment. Living in New England has opened me up to a specific type of American cuisine. I have come to love the summer seafood fries and trips to the Wollaston beach in Quincy for food.
  3. I am obsessed with baking bread. When I started my food blogging journey I was so afraid of baking. Now that I have spent more time reading and trying out different recipes, I am a bit more comfortable. Plus, nothing beats fresh bread out of the oven.
Hokkaido Milk Bread baked into a silver tin

4. I am a nursing student. This isn’t particularly the best time to write a food blog. But, I am choosing to write one as a way of bringing balance to my life. I have so much anxiety about school that I need to cook as a form of stress relief. Why not share what I am cooking?

5. I love easy food. No matter how many steps it takes to make food, it has to be uncomplicated to eat. Nothing fussy for me, please and thank you. That is what I am trying to capture here. All the goodness of eating without any of the fussiness.

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