The Easiest Wings

A stack of dill pickle chicken wings in a white plate dusted with chopped dill

Is this the point I admit that I have a social media obsession? Or should I wait until I have told you about the dill pickle chicken wings I made? So, the story goes like this…A couple of years ago, I discovered Whole 30. I think I found the founder, Melissa Hartwig Urban first. Anyway, I found out about Whole 30 and I obsessively followed their Instagram accounts, including Whole 30 recipes. One of the things I love about their recipe account is that they have different food bloggers come takeover weekly and showcase their recipes. The man behind Primal Gourmet, Ronny Joseph, was a guest takeover and I found him there.

A stack of dill pickle chicken wings in a white plate dusted with chopped dill

Despite loving Whole 30, I have never done the program. I have been tempted. After reading the book, there is one caveat that says if you have a history of disordered eating, it is not recommended. So, I took that advice and never did it. Even without that caveat, I might still not have done it because I don’t believe in restrictive eating. The reason I love Whole 30 is because it is giving me a new perspective on what to eat and how to eat.

The thing I have seen with Whole 30 food bloggers is that there is a focus on high-quality nutritious food. They are not trying to make low-calorie ice-cream. Nor, are they trying to make a fake cake. This what I love about following the Whole 30 bloggers. I find new things to eat like this dill-pickled chicken wings.

Pickles are not a pantry staple for me. This does not mean I don’t like a good pickle. I am very partial to a local brand of pickles here. Especially in the summer when it feels like I get an instant buzz of energy after eating a salty watery spear of a pickle. With Superbowl around the corner, it seemed like an appropriate time to make the dill-pickle chicken wings from Primal Gourmet.

A piece of dill pickle chicken wing dipped in pickle and mayo sauce

One of the things I loved about this recipe was how easy it was. I only needed to pour the pickle juice into a bag to marinade the wings as prep. After that, the chicken went into the oven to cook. It was the most unfussy meal ever.

The flavor on the dill pickle chicken wings when the came out of the oven was amazing. When Ronny Joseph made these chicken on his Instagram stories, he made it a dip from mayonnaise. I was tempted to skip the dip but I am so glad I did not make that mistake. Dipping the wings in that mayonnaise and dill pickle concoction took me to another level of heaven.

I highly recommend giving the recipe a try if you are looking for an easy peasy chicken wings recipe. The recipe for the Dill Pickle Chicken Wings by Primal Gourmet is here.

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