A ball glass jar filled with orange miso dressing speckled with chopped dill bits

Orange Miso Dressing with Dill

Orange, miso and dill make this dressing amazing. I recently started cooking with dill so I am still searching for my boundaries. This Orange Miso dressing with dill definitely fits into my palate and I will be reaching for it again.

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Hot white chocolate in a glass cup with marshmallow plus chocolate and grapefruit biscotti

Brr…Its Cold

Why have plain old hot chocolate when you can have decadent hot white chocolate with marshmallow? This is my treat for going out during this polar vortex.

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Chipotle Chili topped with yogurt and cilantro

Chili on a Chilly Day

This Chipotle Chili is a mindblowing experiment in building flavor. Layers of vegetables cooked with spices, beef and beans produce a meal that is perfectly balanced and warming. Plus, the next day is another revelation. Don’t you want to experience this magic?

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A stack of dill pickle chicken wings in a white plate dusted with chopped dill

The Easiest Wings

I am currently on a chicken wings bender. After suffering from an insatiable appetite watching a food blogger make these dill pickle wings on Instagram, I had to try his recipe. Will it taste as good as it looks on screen?

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