Discovering Yogurt at Home

I have always been curious about homemade yogurt. It just seemed so mystical and a tad bit dangerous to me. Everything that I had ever learned about food safety spelled out that milk is always to be refrigerated. Any form of bacteria in milk is not good. At least, that was the idea that I […]

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Home made peach pie

The Serene Peach Pie

A couple of years ago, at the end of my first summer in Boston, on August 31st/September 1st, I found myself straddling that delicate position of being homeless. For those who don’t know: In Boston/Cambridge area, September 1st is the great moving day. A lot of leases end/start that day, so there is lots of […]

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Plum tart and Vanilla Ice-cream

#FOMO Friday: Stone Fruit Tart

I am a fan of nostalgia. If you read through any of my work, you will find that I always reference past experiences. There is just something about looking back in life and connecting it to the present moment that so seductively calls my name. I love being able to re-experience good moments and critical […]

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A bag of ripe peaches

Finding My Voice

Dear Readers, After much thought and consideration, I just wanted to let you know that I have made a decision. I have decided that I don’t want to be a food blogger. I have been cooking since I was eight. I have loved food since forever. Food and I had our moments. Some of those […]

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Milk Bread made using recipe from The Woks of Life blog

(Wo)Man Vs. Bread: Milk Bread

One of the reasons why I ended up making this Milk bread is because I loved the multi-generational conversation on food that is the Woks of Life blog. It reminds me of calling my mother when I want to make moin-moin (bean pudding) or akara. As much as I love googling recipes and learning from […]

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Cheesy Dok

  My father always did say “1 in 10” of the black people you see walking down the street is a Nigerian or has some connection to Nigeria. The more years have gone by, the more I have come to believe this to be true. Just when you start to think there is a corner […]

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A Slice of Nuts and Raisin Bread

(Wo)Man Vs. Bread: Nuts and Raisin Bread

  My sister has always had a thing for cinnamon raisin bread. When the snow storm came to Boston earlier this year, this was one of the things I tried to buy as a treat for her. Unfortunately, from the empty shelves at the store, it appears my sister is not the only one with […]

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Black Fish on tomatoes slices and topped with garlic, onions and chipotle oil

My Father’s Fishy Ways

This evening, while we were dinning, I asked my sister “Do you remember how Daddy used to cook the fish when he lived in Claremont?” She gave me that look and I knew immediately that this was one of my special moments. I have this knack for being able to remember food moments and holding […]

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