Curry Chicken and Broccoli Fried Rice with raisins and almonds

Lazy Day Rice

Curry Chicken and Broccoli Fried Rice with raisins and almonds

There are days when I feel sluggish. It is the sort of lazy when I don’t want to make an effort. On those days, this curry chicken and broccoli fried rice work wonders.

As I have mentioned previously, one of my goals in 2019 is to confront my food wastage. This means finding ways of using up every bit of edible food and examining the way I buy food. Often when I buy a rotisserie chicken, using the bits of meat on the carcass can be tough. The legs and breast are easy to dismantle and eat. The little meats hiding in crevices though tend to go to waste. This curry chicken and broccoli fried rice work wonders in using it up.

There are a few ways to make this recipe or non-recipe really. I am not going to give measurements because this is a use whatever you have leftover deal. If I have fresh broccoli on hand, I would usually toast the vegetables in an oil free pan to give it some char.

I tend to start the process of building the fried rice by frying some garlic in oil. Then I add in the curry powder into the pan. I usually use a bit of curry powder because I love strong flavors. Don’t be afraid to play and figure out what works for your tastebuds. In writing about meals like this one, I am creating an opportunity for you the reader to be inspired, not neccessarily directed.

Curry Chicken and Broccoli Fried Rice

Back to the curry chicken and broccoli fried rice. Once the curry blooms in the oil, I add in the bits of chicken I am using. Then I let that warm up a bit before adding in the rice. The goal is to let the rice fry a bit since this is fried rice. Once the rice seems like it is sticking the pan, I dump in the charred broccoli. Let it all heat up together before serving.

This curry chicken and broccoli fried rice situation was one of the first places I explored the idea of sweet notes making savory dishes pop. I love to add raisins to my fried rice just before it is done or when it is served. I mostly definitely recommend trying the raisins if you have any. Flakes of almond is the final touch for me.

I hope you get to venture into trying out this lazy day fried rice. Play with your spices and leftovers. You never know what you might create.

A bowl of broccoli apple soup

‘Tis the Season of Healthy…

A bowl of broccoli apple soup

We finally got through the holiday season! And I say ‘we’ because it seemed everywhere I looked, there was another indulgence. From the month-long cookies post on Instagram to the decadent pies, December was the month to devour. Now, ‘we’ are all here. Here in this place where it seems the pendulum swings encouraged gluttony to starvation. We are in the season of healthy, new beginning and elimination of major food categories. While I don’t subscribe to the drastic pendulum swings, I am solidly ready to be sipping this Broccoli Apple soup.

I don’t believe in diets. Been there done that. Still paying the price for years of denying myself food in the name of health. Instead, I believe in moderation. I believe in the joy of food as a part of daily living. Food is part of my self-care routine. Eating is a statement of self-love. Choosing to eat food, in its entirety and complexity, is more important to me than any superficial aesthetics or number on the scale.

One of the ways that I care for myself is to eat things that make me feel good from the inside out. This Broccoli Apple soup is one of my winter favorites. I know that it may seem like hypocrisy to be writing about self-care, body-positive and a decidedly low calorie soup in the same page. Let me challenge that thought by asking if eating well has to me either or. Is it possible to eat with moderation?

A black hand squeezing a wedge of lemon into a bowl of broccoli apple soup

This Broccoli Apple is one of my favorite things because I love the taste of hot green soup in the morning. This one just happens to be the soup I reach for in the winter. I think the combination of the heartiness of broccoli with the slight sweetness of the apple just makes me feel awake. Adding a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to the Broccoli Apple soup is definitely a must me.

A bowl of broccoli apple soup

Broccoli Apple Soup

A refreshing breakfast soup featuring two ingredients, broccoli with apple. It is a quick and easy make that stores well.
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 5


  • 1 Pound Broccoli
  • 3 Apples I love using granny smith for it tartness. But any apple works
  • 1 Lemon
  • Sea Salt


  • In a pot, add 4 cups of water and set it to boil.
  • While the water is boiling, deseed and chop up the apple. Also, cut the broccoli florets and stem into pieces that would fit into the pot.
  • Add the chunks of apple and broccoli into the pot of boiling water. Let it cook for about 5 minutes. Set it aside to cool.
  • Blend to the broccoli and apple to your decided consistency. I prefer mind just a bit short of smooth. Season with salt to taste.
  • When serving soup, add a wedge of lemon to be squeezed in just before consumption.
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