Changing Time

A red Moto Jacket from Old Navy has become a key piece in my wardrobe as I transition from fall to winter.

I finally got around to changing my wardrobe this past weekend. Slowly as always, I am changing out my summer clothes for the winter ones. Maybe it is the optimist in me. I am hoping for just one more day of warmth when I can sit outside and feel the rays of the sun of my skin. Alas, I have had to come to terms with reality. I have been stuck in a jacket or a cardigan for a while now. I just had to let go.

Nothing like a direct look to make me feel like I am a boss. The gray pullover is a basic HM piece from at least a couple of winters ago.

My fall/winter wardrobe is something that I have been actively working to build.  I am not a big shopper and I try to stay away from looking at my body. This year, for some reasons, I feel like it is time for my body and I to call a truce. A big part of the truce is honoring my body by giving it an opportunity to shine. Hence, the active process of building a wardrobe that actually works for me.

The zipper on the cuffs makes this ideal for wearing sweaters under it. It also gives the jacket some rich detail.

A key piece for these past few weeks of chill has been this red Moto Jacket that I bought from Old Navy. I love a good sale and when I had an opportunity to get this at a discount, I just couldn’t resist. The deep red color reminds me of all the burgundy red lipsticks I have hoarded in my stash. There just something about this color that makes me feel like I am glowing. 

This animal print scarf is available from Primark. I just love how cosy it feels as a winter layer.

I am looking forward to discovering more clothes that make me happy. This feels so weird because I feel like a new part of me is emerging. I have a deep love of fashion and I have always felt like I have style. So maybe it is not so much that a new part is being born as it is that I am going through a process of reclamation.

There is nothing that feels my soul at the moment as much as knowing that I am fearlessly taking back who I am. There is a lot going on with me at the moment and it just feels so good.