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This Body

Wearing this black dress from Boohoo really tested my resolve to document my style journey. After many years of wishing and finding every reason why I couldn’t be a style blogger or lifestyle blogger, I finally told myself it was time. The primary obstacle had been my lack of body confidence. I just don’t know how to deal with my body. So, I avoided my body as much as possible.

That strategy of avoidance has worked until I realized it was the primary impediment to my happiness. So I decide to change my relationship with my body by taking more pictures of my body. This meant buying more clothes.

One hands on hip, side view of the midi black dress.

I recently bought some clothes from Boohoo because I got a great discount deal. I was a bit hesistant when I saw the clothes because I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be show off my curves. I bought things that appeared to be on the more modest spectrum of Boohoo. I loved this black dress in particular because of its length. It also has non-functional gold buttons down the front, giving it an interesting detail. I figured it would be a good staple closet item for the winter. Items arrived, I tried it on and it was okay.

I have on a leopard print scarf on a black midi length dress with gold faux buttons down the front.

Picture day with the black faux button down dress happened…and it freaking sent me into an emotional meltdown. I just did not like how sexy my body looked. I kept saying, “I don’t want to be a porn star.” Yes, I can be a bit melodramatic. Sue me! However, when the moment passed and I started looking over the picture again, I realized that I was having a reaction because I saw my body. I wasn’t in a baggy sweater and pants. The dress showed off my shape in all its glory. There is nothing wrong with that.

A leopard print scarf is wrapped loosely around my shoulder over a black faux button down dress with gold buttons

After having this moment with this black dress, I am sure I am going to have so much fun layering it for the winter. Because it fits so well, I am excited to layer it with chunky sweaters and bulky scarfs. To me, there is nothing as beautiful as playing with texture and fit in my outfit.