Strategy for Moving Apartments with Fibromyalgia

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If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably already familiar with the fact that I live with chronic pain and chronic fatigue. Some days are better than others when you live with fibromyalgia as I do. When the time came to move from my old house into my current one, I knew that I had to be strategic in how I moved forward. There are a few things I have learned in this process that I want to document for anyone who might find themselves in my shoes. Here is my strategy for moving apartments with fibromyalgia.

Strategy for Moving Apartments with Fibromyalgia

Give Yourself Time

One of the most important things I did when I was setting up my new lease was setting up a two-week buffer. Although my old lease did not end until August 31st, I started paying for my new place August 15th. Yes, I know that my ability to pay for two places in that time frame was a luxury and a privilege. The 16 days where I could go back and forth between the old place and the new place allowed me to pace myself. I took things slowly. Some days I did one trip. On other days, I did several trips. I could also maximize the help available to me. I didn’t have to wait until a specific date and hope my support system would be available.

Start Packing Early

Packing was the first thing I did, even before signing a lease. When I first looked at my room, I assumed packing would be a quick process. What a joke that was! It took me so much time to pack up all my bits and bobs. Packing was especially painful because I am a hobbyist. I have loads of delicate things for cooking. There is also my sewing stash as well as my knitting stuff. Then, earlier in the year, I got into plants. It just seemed like there was an endless amount of things that needed to be wrapped in bubble or paper and then delicately stored. Since I started packing early, I was able to take my time. This meant I only suffered one break during my move. Also, I found that packing was not a source of stress.

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Curate Your Belongings

One of the most painful aspects of moving is when you put all your energy into moving an item that ends up not working in your new place. At least, for me, that was one of my greatest nightmares. I was lucky that my new apartment was empty when I came to look at it.  It allowed me to really see the floor layout without distractions. My second good luck was gaining access to my new space when I signed my lease to take measurements. This allowed me to really figure out that my furniture in my old place would not make it here. I was able to get rid of old stuff at my old place, once and for all. Beyond the big items, I also curated my clothes and my pieces of equipment. I really wanted to be sure nothing I didn’t need/want would make the move.

Have An Exit Strategy

After curating my items, I came up with an exit strategy for the things I wasn’t taking. I packed up my clothes and donated them early so that I won’t have to worry about it. I listed my furniture to be sold on Facebook Marketplace and Offerup.  My old mattress required a scheduled pick up from the waste management company in my neighborhood. I made sure I called to find out the pickup procedures to avoid surprises.

If you are having to throw out lots of items or move a lot of items to new places (even if you are moving them to a friend’s house, or storage) consider calling the MA-based moving company, Fresh Start-The Moving Crew, to help. Things like my blender I offered to my friends gratis. I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t stress out during the last days. Figuring out how to get rid of things has been a consistent source of moving stress. Following my plan this time around saved me.

Strategy for Moving Apartments with Fibromyalgia

Recognize Your Limits

With chronic pain and fatigue, I am learning that there is a thin line between too much and just enough. Doing too much could be the thing that triggers a multi-day flare up for me. I try very much to avoid that. I am lucky that my family and friends are also vocal about letting me know when they feel I am doing too much. When my family and friends start asking me to rest, I usually listen.

At the end of my move, I recognized that I wasn’t able to get everything done on my own. I chose to ask for help. It was one of the best things I have done for myself. If you are in moving in the New England area consider calling the furniture movers from Worcester to give you a hand. They are available in CT, MA, RI, NH, ME, and VT. The owner, James Cooper, has created a professional and tight-knit crew that is committed to fostering relationships and building trust with their clients.

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