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Blood Orange curd Parfait with yogurt and Granola

Easy Fancy Pots

Simple but fancy looking pots of blood orange curd parfait make the perfect dessert. A surprising touch of coconut makes this a tropical delight with a bit of crunch.

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Butternut squash soup with black beans in a white bowl

A Soup to Remember

Sometimes I feel like the butternut squash soup with black beans is magically. It all comes together so beautifully and I am left wanting more soup. This definitely a winter fave and I can’t wait for you to try.

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Rice and Kale Chicken Soup with Pesto topped with avocado slices in a white plate

The Leftover Soup

This is the easiest kind of soup. Everything is already prepped and cooking really is about warming up together. This Rice and Kale Chicken Soup with Pesto is one more tool in my fight against food waste. It allows me to use leftover items and still have a vibrant meal

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